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A Scratch Card Can Make Your Offer Go Viral

Consider this: if you have an offer or promotion to share with your customers, how do you ensure that lots of people see it?

There are several options:

  1. put it on your website
  2. ask people to share on social media
  3. display on posters and flyers in-store
  4. put an ad in the newspaper
  5. buy time on the radio or on television
  6. create a mailing and send it out
  7. offer it on Groupon
  8. rely on word-of-mouth from other customers

There are more ways to do this, but these are among the most common promotional methods used today. Unfortunately, most of those options range from ineffective to wildly expensive, and none are certain to get the attention of new people. Yes, some will do exactly that. No doubt. We’re not saying that these methods won’t work at all.

But will they get you big results at low cost using a marketing approach that makes people smile and jump to participate?

We believe our scratch card promotions can do exactly that. And they can get your offer a lot more attention on social media with the simple click of a button during setup.

Each promotion comes with the option of a “social lock”. In other words, people who want to scratch the card have to share it on social media first.

Let’s look at potential numbers.

Say that 100 existing customers enter and share the promotion on Facebook. On average, a person on Facebook has 300 friends. That means that those 100 individuals are putting your offer in front of potentially 30,000 people!

Will all 30,000 people see it and enter? No, of course not. But imagine that just 5% of those people do see the contest and enter. That’s 1500 new potential customers! And assuming THEY enter and share…well now the numbers get really big.

Since your first scratch card promotion can be free for 7 days, why not contact us and get yours set up?

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