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Scratch Cards are Affordable

One principal that is of utmost importance around here is that of affordability. It doesn’t do our clients (or us!) any good if our marketing and promotional techniques are too expensive. We aim never to waste precious marketing dollars.

So let’s break down some potential numbers, shall we? According to this website, here are the costs of a direct marketing campaign (as of 2013).


Now, let’s look at the cost of a scratch card campaign. Assuming you set up a recurring membership with us, one campaign will cost $197. If you get 100 customers to share it on Facebook, and 5% of their friends opt to scratch the card as well, that’s 1500 people participating. Your cost so far is 13 cents per person. If 5% of those people actually come make a purchase in your store, that’s 75 paying customers.

We can use the original $197 that you spent on the campaign and ignore all the contacts you got. Let’s just divide that by your 75 new customers, and you’ve gotten them for a cost of $2.62 apiece.

Just for kicks and giggles, let’s assume that only 1% of those 1500 contacts convert to paying customers. That’s still 15 people who walk into your store (or website) and spend money. Assuming you only count them in your cost-per-customer calculations, that’s $13.13 per person for a single campaign.

We do have another buying option: You can buy the software outright for $497 and use it as often as you like on your own. How about that for reducing your costs?

For more information and to set up your first campaign, contact us today!

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