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Scratch Cards are Easy to Promote to Customers

Once you get your campaign set up, promoting to customers is easy. Start with existing customers. If you are a “brick and mortar” business, then create a small poster to display in the entry and another at your cash register. Make sure all employees know to ask if customers have scratched when they are checking out.

It’s also possible to set up a tablet kiosk near your register and have people scratch the card right there on site!

If you are strictly online, it’s just a matter of adding the scratch card into your checkout procedure. Alternatively, have a banner on your online store or add a tasteful popup notification.

Once existing customers start sharing on Facebook and Twitter, the promotion will naturally get the attention of more people. You can enhance that by continuing to share with existing customers and asking them to share on social media.

Going to a networking event? Take along your smartphone and have your contacts try out the contest at the meeting (and be sure to tell them we’d be happy to create a promo for them as well!). Put a QR code on your business card linking them to the contest so they can find it again later.

The more you promote your scratch card, the more people will play along and potentially join your email list. Even better, the more people who will buy your product or service!

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