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Scratch Cards Work for All Types of Business

We got a new and interesting question today. A potential client asked if businesses that operate solely online could use a scratch card. The answer is an emphatic YES!

Businesses that we would call “brick and mortar”, meaning those that have storefronts that people visit in person, can definitely use a scratch card by asking customers who stop in to play along, sharing it on social media, and sending out flyers or text messages among other strategies.

Businesses that operate completely online can ask customers who visit the site to play along, share on social media, and send out flyers or text messages among other strategies.

See the connection? This kind of promotion works for any type of business. Whether you’re an independent sales representative building an email list or a pet groomer wanting to promote a discount offer or any one of a thousand variations, scratch cards can be used to build your business.

Scratch card promotions are a terrific way to get the interest of more customers. Call us today and we can discuss how a campaign can help your business!

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