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How It Works


Online scratch cards are very easy to use! Let’s take a look at how a campaign works. For simplicity’s sake, the first half of this page will show the scratch card from a customer’s perspective. After that, we’ll look a bit at the behind-the-scenes aspects.

The Customer Experience

The best way to get a customer to look at your scratch card is to ask them. It’s as simple as mentioning the promotion during the checkout process. Alternatively, you can send a text or email, publish flyers in a variety of places, or even print up business cards with a link to your promotion (the same link can be used repeatedly). We also like to add the card as a tab in a custom mobile app.

The customer navigates to your scratch card and sees the cover (or scratch) image. This image is customized to your business and campaign requirements. The customer scratches until a certain percentage of the image has been removed, and either a winning or consolation image is displayed.

Scratch to Win cover

Depending on the parameters of your campaign, there are different possibilities here. We recommend you offer one or more free products or services as a prize in the campaign. Then, offer a discount or other incentive to customers who don’t reveal a winning image. In both cases, you can sign those individuals up to an email marketing list or take them to a landing page or other offer from your business. Assuming you choose to build an email list, you have a list of potential customers who are interested in your product or service that you can email again and again with offers, discounts, specials, and quality tips or articles.

In other words, you’re building a list. Most marketers will tell you: the money is in the list.

There is one other key feature of the scratch card promo that we need to discuss: social locking. When you social lock your scratch card, customers have to share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ in order to scratch. Social locking is a very powerful way to get new, potential customers to see your promotion on social media.

Here’s a short video demonstration:

The Client Experience

As a client of Scratch Card Marketing, putting your campaign together is simple and fast.

  1. Set the campaign parameters: decide what you want to offer as a prize (and how many), then choose a consolation for individuals who don’t win.
  2. Choose your scratch card design. We create a custom card with your choice of look and colors.
  3. Connect the card to your email list (or create one that we host for you).
  4. Start campaign.
  5. You promote the scratchcard to customers.

And that’s it. The campaign runs quickly. We update you periodically as to statistics and results.

Ready to start your first campaign? Contact us today! We offer a free 7-day trial to prove that this really works.

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